Quality Service is a LUXURY! 
Luxury Real Estate Florida
7001 N. Atlantic Ave. Suite 100
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

We Customize Marketing and Promotion to Your Property

I am guessing you may be a little appauled by the lack of service many sellers are receiving in Florida. Luxury Real Estate Florida Inc. is dedicated to providing the best possible real estate representation. YOU WON'T be talking to an assistant or one of 10 team members. Personal service and client representation may be old fashioned but there is a difference. 

  • YOU WILL talk to your own agent an often and for as long as you wish or need.
  • YOU WILL have your property is staged for best advantage prior to professional photographs
  • YOU WILL have appointments for showings made by someone familiar with your property, not a "phone service".
  • YOU WILL have an agent present for showings whenever it is to your advantage.
  • YOU WILL have your property prepared to show best prior to showings.
  • YOU WILL have your property checked after showings for security.
  • YOU WILL have offers presented personally and evaluated for items that may or may not be in your best interest.
  • YOU WILL be supplied with a list of "200 THINGS WE DO FOR YOU" when you list with LREFL.

"Luxury is the Service!" 

A Luxury is rare, hard to find, valuable.  In order to find a buyer for your home and move through the sale process you are going to pay a real estate agent a hefty fee. You deserve personal attention a custom marketing plan and the best possible service.


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