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Did you know all real estate agents in Florida are presumed to be TRANSACTION AGENTS unless otherwise disclosed?  That means their job is to "facilitate the transaction".  Transaction agents don't actually represent you.  However, you may choose to work within a "SINGLE AGENCY" relationship with an agent who really does represents just you. As a rule it doesn't cost you more but it requires your agent put your interests above all others, including their own.
Welcome to Luxury Real Estate Florida, where we prefer to act as "SINGLE AGENTS" representing you. You will find our agents to be the best source for information about buying and selling waterfront property in Brevard Florida . On rare occasions, when it is in your best interest and with your written permission, we will trasition to Transaction Agents. 
When it is time to buy or sell property in Brevard County, make us your first stop.  We put decades of experience to work for you.  Taking the stress out of your transaction is our goal.

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